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Project 2, exercise in interpretation: If by Rudyard Kipling


This is the only poem that my father passed on to us and it became part of his encouragement and insistence that his children to do better than he had and has stayed with me as I became a father.

Reading the poem aloud after all these years I now reflect on what I became and the hopes that I had for him and what he is now becoming as a person. Not in material terms but in terms of his spirit, in how he lives his life and how he is with others.

To illustrate my feelings I have chosen a reflective mood created by the following components:

George dressed informally gazing out and slightly upwards to imply a modest optimism whilst in thoughtful restraint. As the hands are excluded from the frame it implies a sense of inevitability and lack of control in our universe.

Black and white colour scheme with a mild vignette to imply a historical feel, again a sense of reflection.

Using a single image to create impact in reflecting an overall sense and mood rather than the communication of a story through multiple images.

Moving the project further

I think this concept could be developed into a deeper say assignment series of images of similar form but varied compositions such as George in different settings in different poses but with a consistency in the overall aesthetic quality.

Reference list

To see the full text of If by Rudyard Kipling you can see it at

http://www.kiplingsociety.co.uk/poems_if.htm (accessed 18/05/2016)