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El porque da las naranjas by Ricardo Cases


Ricardo Cases taken from El porque da las naranjas 

I originally came across this work in 2014 when Ricardo Cases was profiled along with a group of other emerging Spanish photographers in the July edition of BJP. I found his series El porque da las naranjas intriguing and I was immediately struck by the abstract subjects and metaphors, the exposures and dominant Mediterranean colour schemes in the images.

That summer in Greece I tried to create images of more interest than the usual holiday photo album, and this was the final encouragement that I needed to embark on my OCA studies. I wanted to be able to produce interesting images conveying meaning and emotion and as a result of this early inspirational catalyst the work stays with me.

El porque da las naranjas translated loosely means ‘the reason of oranges’ and the series is the result of photographer Cases’ subsequent move to Valencia following some tragedy and troubles in his personal life. What started of as a process of self-therapy begins to blend with a narrative which also examines this Spanish region’s past and present as the new development and construction of investment and infrastructure blends with the decline of other aspects of the Spanish economy.

Cases captures how new construction ultimately changes the natural landscape and this emerging of a new society juxtaposes the decline of the more environment brought on by a decline in the banking and financial sectors together with tourism and perhaps the older Spain in general.

“In Naranjas everything seems worn, held together by pieces of string or planks of wood. Everything seems out of place, not quite as it should be, illogical. This lends a sense of absurdity; Cases uses the orange as a narrative device to highlight this sense of absurdity; the book begins with a picture of an orange perched by a car wheel, a drain filled with oranges, windfall ranges placed by a sinkhole.” (Pantall, 2014,p70)

Nearly two years later and studying context and narrative I have again sought out El porque da las naranjas as inspiration for my forthcoming assignment 2 submission.

Thank you Ricardo!

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