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One thought or idea can lead to another


Short story: I work with a guy who went to school with a guy who became an artist and who now lives in Brussels. His name is Gary Leddington (www.garyleddington.com). Looking at his website I was drawn to one of his works called Chair Chair Jazz, see

http://www.garyleddington.com/post/106403495751/chair-chair-jazz-2014-framed-bw-photograph (accessed 6/2/2016).

Gary, the artist (I don’t know him) describes his work as an absurdist revision of Joseph Kosuth One and Three Chairs (1965). I’d never heard of Joseph Kosuth or his work One and Three Chairs but it’s an interesting example of conceptual art especially as I embark on a course around context and narrative.


For more information see

http://www.moma.org/collection/works/81435 (accessed 6/2/2016).


Google absurdism in art

“Post-modern art is permeated by Absurdism. The Post World War Two Absurdist movement centred on the idea that life is irrational, illogical, incongruous, and without reason”. For the full article see


That is an interesting thought that opens up other questions.

I have been look at philosophy as a way of developing an understanding and or a meaning for how things are and for a purpose in life and society and you can end up in some interesting places not least of all Plato’s cave (Sontag, 1977, p3)

Does this all fit together as a circle I’m not sure, maybe I’ll meet him and ask him one day.

But in terms of working practices find something interesting and follow it like a piece of string because you never know where it takes you.

Chair chair jazz……I like that!

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