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Project 3: Dewald Botha Ring Road


Dewald Botha taken from Ring Road

I felt drawn to Dewald Botha’s Ring Road for a number of reasons.

1) The work is set in China a place of increasing interest to myself as my mother was born in Hong Kong.
2) Dewald talks of being an outsider in the Country again a position that I can in part identify with for a number of reasons.

3) The subject matter the built environment and the Ring Road itself I find aesthetically attractive and therefore interesting as a concept on a number of levels.

4) He speaks of a search for beauty or relief and I am beginning to see this as a way forward for my forthcoming assignment 2.

5) As he walked the entire inner ring road over the period of a year I respect the intensity of his working practice.

6) His search for calmness has given me confidence and direction in my idea for assignment 2.

7) How his original idea has developed into a journey culminating in the creation of more universal concept interpreted through the lens of our own experiences is a journey that I would like to embark upon.

Whilst all three projects are interesting and thought provoking Dewald’s way of work stands out as relevant to my own thoughts and has provided a framework from which I hope to develop my own personal idea into a more universal and substantial concept.

We are asked how we feel about losing authorial control over our own images to the viewer and I must admit that I am inspired by this and would dearly love to be able to achieve this. This would be art.