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Practical development: Creating a single image from a series of photographs

Rosie Zizzi final-1-2

As part of an ongoing development of my technical skills I set out an informal practical project to create a single image from a group of photographs. Working on the basis of the better my technical command of camera and editing software the better my attempts to articulate ideas and concepts into photographic images.

The above image was by using 9 images taken with my camera phone and arranged using the lightroom print module where you can select to create a jpg as the output format thus creating the new single image which can then be re-edited as an original image. Simple but effective!

Andy Warhol

Figure 1. Marilyn Diptich (1962)

Starting off with Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Monroe I thought that it would be quite useful to play with the organisation and presentation of multiple images of the same subject as a presentation tool for going forward.

There are plenty of possibilities which start to come to mind with this concept from comparisons and contrasts to making statements as Warhol did on repetition and reproduction.

As part of my general interest in mass media I will take a closer look at pop art and see where that leads to.


Figure 1. Warhol, A. Marilyn Diptich (1962). (online) AT:

http://artobserved.com/artists/andy-warhol/ (accessed 3 July 2016)