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Performance against assessment criteria: assignment 2

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have communicated the concept and ideas contained in the assignment through strong compositions utilising very good photographic technique and visual skills.

Quality of outcome

Very good consistency and quality in the outcome coherently presented throughout in both written and visual formats.

Demonstration of creativity

Very good development of creative ideas gained through a developed analysis of a wider frame of reference and research showing clear signs of a strong developing personal voice.


Very good development in research and reflection touching on a range of wider and specific practices which support development of a specific creative concept.


Overall I am pleased with progress in terms of properly understanding the importance of narrative within the context of the overall course and how this is communicated and interpreted within the image.

I am much more sensitive to how an image is constructed and how it relates to it’s environment and how these components come together to create visual meaning. This has helped my development to move away from imagining things in my images which don’t exist.