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Assignment 4: Performance against assessment criteria

Assignment 4: Performance against assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I feel that I have met the criteria well showing a perceptive visual approach well supported by a good use of technical terminology in the deconstruction of the various components of the image.

Quality of outcome

At this stage I am content with the outcome and hopefully I have progressed towards the level where a meaningful approach to reading images and interpretation has been achieved and which can consider the development of a wider range of issues and debates on different levels.

Demonstration of creativity

I believe that in finding an emerging artist within a regional collective exhibition I have demonstrated a desire to move in a direction inspired by my own interests and motivations and in a proactive manner. This has I believe led to a demonstration of a level of creativity in selecting a lesser known artist and stretching the resources already known and available.


This image sits well within the broad subject matter of people living in a contemporary western society and it’s impact; this has been one of my consistent areas of interest throughout this course. The subsequent research and reflection has led to a progression in my critical thinking and knowledge and I believe that this can result in more deeply informed and therefore effective creative work.