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Assignment 3: Performance against assessment criteria

Assignment 3: Performance against assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I have communicated the concept and ideas contained in the assignment through strong compositions utilising good photographic technique and visual skills. I might have varied the scale within the framing to make the overall series more interesting but also to give the location and space greater weighting.

Quality of outcome

Very good consistency and quality in the outcome coherently presented in an interesting fashion throughout in both written and visual formats.

Demonstration of creativity

Very good demonstration of a creative process gained through a clear and strong frame of reference plus wide research fuelled by a clear intent to develop of original ideas.


Very good development in coherent research and reflection covering a range of wider and specific practices supporting the development of a creative journey throughout the module.


This assignment was very important to my development in terms of my overall engagement, application and as a result, my overall competence and confidence. I found the course very interesting and inspiring and above all enjoyable and rewarding. A very positive experience.