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Reflections on assignment 2

I will start my summing up with a quotation from my tutors report for this assignment that in one short sentence summarises how I feel about my assignment 2 within the wider context of where I currently sit on the course.

“A well produced and laid out project exploring interesting ideas regarding abstraction in photography. You have produced a coherent series of images in support of assignment 2 (Photographing the Unseen).”

(Wendy McMurdo, 2016)

After assignment 1 I have dealt (quickly) with the disruption of a change in course tutor and acclimatised to a new and positive working relationship very quickly.

I had used a form of metaphor in my work for assignment 5 Expressing Your Vision but this was n many respects a new way of working and communicating visually and it did take a little time at the planning and initiation stages to move away from a literal style of communication.

In the end I feel that I produced a very personal piece of work that was communicated simply but effectively and it allowed myself to begin to select formal components such as the colour blues that I have appreciated in other artists’ work such as Stephen Shore (see here) and Luigi Ghirri (see here).

My only nagging worry in the lead up to the assignment submission was that the work was a little simplistic but having spent the amount of hours and frames required to get the final images any thoughts that this was an easy option have disappeared completely.

As my technical capability improves as well as perhaps my photographic equipment I would like to revisit this formal style perhaps in a larger format which I think would suit the aesthetic look really well.

But all in all I am very happy with my progress so far and I am looking forward to the next stage.