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Assignment 2 brief: Photographing the unseen

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Networks: A personal journey


This assignment is an exploration of my personal journey through the most challenging and complex period of my life. Whilst this is a personal exploration I have identified a theme that could be relevant to many others reflecting upon their own lives.

I have always taken positive action in my career and business life creating a company and pursuing a path of growth, and in doing so have taken many risks. Over a number of years I found myself in situations that became so complex on reflection I can now see that the resultant levels of stress and anxiety had pushed me as far as I could go.

Ultimately managing to overcome these challenges and simplifying many aspects of my life has brought significant relief but has also left indelible markings on my psyche. I now recognise that, whilst I was in parts passive to what was going on around myself, mine was a situation created predominantly by my own personal aspiration and ambition.

Creative concept
Living in a semi-rural area still served by an old copper wire network we experienced what was seemingly an unimportant issue with broadband access although the situation escalated into disproportionate multiple problems.

This simple broadband issue became the perfect metaphor for how life almost without my noticing had grown more and more complex and problematic.

Where previously I hadn’t paid attention to the anonymous and homogenous network of telegraph wires and poles lining the landscape. Now I could see the layers and years of build and maintenance that had created increasingly complicated arrangements of connecting wires fixed to poles of various types of wood, different sizes and dimensions.

These complex arrangements became more and more noticeable and evident, almost consuming me until they were eventually stripped away.


I have used inanimate objects, these telegraph wires and poles to act as the metaphor for the complexities that can be allowed to creep into our lives and which can become disproportionally significant and dangerous. This assignment also communicates how we can quite easily come to prioritise things that ultimately prove to have no real importance or meaning to us and in doing so we can create un-necessary exposures and dangers that we do not foresee.

This has been a cathartic experience and one that will allow myself to move on from this period of my life. I have listed my sources of direct reference and inspiration below in the reference list.

Reference list

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