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Reflections on assignment 5

I will start off with comments made whilst drafting out how my working processes for this assignment came together, “a huge learning curve but also a fantastic experience and the most enjoyable photography project that I have been involved in.

My skills, confidence and all-round competence have developed but so have my personal standards and expectations and I can now see how far I have to go to get to the levels of competence and performance that I would eventually like to achieve.”

I enjoyed researching and developing the concept for the assignment around identity, marginalisation, re-imagination and constructed narratives and I believe that this assignment has in many different ways has much potential for development. I also enjoyed the close personal connection that I had with this piece of work and this definitely helped fuel my ideas and created a greater motivation to produce a great result.

My tutor feedback was very positive on all levels and thankfully recognised my attempts to continually raise standards and build up my professional processes to facilitate this progression; I feel that I really left no stone unturned in preparing for this final stage but I am pleased that I went to such lengths – but also that my peers, tutor, family and friends were all pleased with the final work – this makes everything all worthwhile and is very satisfying.

I feel that my work has finally reached that elusive “next level” and I am in a much stronger position to critique my own work against contemporary professional standards and recognise that my journey of development has only just begun.