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Assignment 5: Performance against assessment criteria

Demonstration of technical and visual skills

I feel that I have finished the course well in a technical and visual sense producing a good quality image that reflects a strong commitment to improvement in this area throughout the course.

For this assignment I have begun to develop a relatively new skill to myself in using additional lighting and I have also significantly advanced my competence in the use and combinations of lens type / focal length / aperture, plus post editing and colour management.

Quality of outcome

I believe that this work is strong and I have tried to work on several levels whilst forming a coherent output. I believe that the core themes are to be found in the work and that sufficient due care and attention has been paid to produce a visually successful, thoughtful and reflective assignment.

Demonstration of creativity

I feel that I have been inventive and imaginative in order to create a project conceived through a process of evolving ideas. The concept is very personal on a number of levels and this reflects my desire to form my own personal voice.


I have followed a number of inter-related themes and undertaken significant research both written and visually for a sustained period of time before arriving at the final stages and this process has lasted for what seems to be a major part of this course.

I have also engaged significantly with my OCA peer group and have carefully considered various critical suggestions and I believe that these processes together have contributed considerably to the strength and depth of the final work.