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I have now been developing my photography for around 2 ½ years including the 15 months that it took me to complete Expressing Your Vision. I had originally relied upon Youtube, photography websites and magazines to guide my learning. I now regard that I have a basic understanding and foundation of photography.

In terms of my aims for this course I start with the recognition that context and narrative is a major fundamental in photography and art and as such must be mastered as part of an education. I also want to continue to improve my technical skills and processes of working, research and creative thinking as on the first course I spent a lot of time struggling with some of these components. I still need to properly work out the most effective way to create and develop a learning log so that it facilitates and records my thinking and development whilst adding value for assessment.

During the first course I started to develop themes around people, as individuals and within society subjected to mass media and consumerism and where social history fits in, but I can’t guarantee that this will continue. I particularly liked the work of a number of specific practitioners such as Cindy Sherman, Francesca Woodman, Guy Bourdin but there were many more which I enjoyed throughout the course.

My father is English and my Mother is Chinese and I was born in East Lancashire but now live in Worcestershire and work in Birmingham and London.

January 2016


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