Practical exercise: Lightroom course (technical)



I recently completed a short course organised over a six-week period covering the fundamentals of the Adobe Lightroom photo editing software package. The course ran at City Lit College based in Holborn, London which in particular offers various photography and visual arts options which can serve to supplement wider study and practice.

For more information on Cit Lit you can visit the website at:

I decided to participate in the course as part of my technical development to ensure that my photographic skills can support my creative development and practice. I can see that taking photographic images which form a successful body of work involves a wide range of activities, skills and approaches which need to be properly learned, organised and managed in order for us to create a sound foundation from which our photographic practice can develop.

Lightroom was Adobe’s consumer proposition with Photoshop regarded as the choice of the professionals but with each new version Lightroom becomes more versatile in it’s aspects of image editing whilst retaining it’s ability to catalogue and organise a photographer’s work.

We covered all of the core basic components with particular reference to organisation, cataloguing and segmentation which I found particularly useful as I begin to see the importance and need for structure and organisation in my work-flow. The ability to reference work is invaluable for developing information for further development whether it be about successful camera settings or technical considerations, locations or particular scenarios which might prove to be useful or interesting in the future.

Understanding the export and outputting aspects of photography in today’s world was also highly relevant in recognising the different uses that we may have for our images whether that be for use on the internet or for print purposes and how this might effect aspects such as file sizes etc.

The course also provided a good basic overview to topics such as the adjustment of exposure, white balance, colour whilst we learned how to better control the tone and presence of an image whilst also making basic corrections and changes to the crop, scale and balance of the image.

Whilst many of these topics have been encountered previously it was an excellent opportunity to consolidate some of my knowledge whilst learning new things within the context of taking the image from a RAW file through to a fully considered and finished image.

The format was partly lecture based but in the main learning was very much of a participatory style working with partners and in groups which was great fun and an effective way not only to learn but to cross over into different topics of practice and conversation.

As a result I feel more confident in my overall approach to photography and believe that this stronger technical base can only better serve my creative side to improve my photographic image and artistic outcomes.



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