Practical development: Costa Brava


Costa Brava -1

Costa Brava -2

Costa Brava -3

Costa Brava -4

Costa Brava -5

Costa Brava -6

Costa Brava -8

Costa Brava -9

As part of the continued development of my technical skills and awareness I set out to make some photographs whilst taking a holiday on the Spanish Costa Brava. As the trip was primarily a relaxation break I was n’t sure how much time I would be able to devote to this project so my brief was simply to make images of the things which caught my eye.

I have always enjoyed the Mediterranean region and since I bought a camera I have become fascinated with the light which when coupled with the differences in the natural and built environments, cultural and economic differences makes for a really interesting photographic challenge.

My influences

It was through seeing El porque de las naranjas by Ricardo Cases (read more here), which originally inspired my signing up with the OCA. More recently I have also enjoyed Luighi Ghirri Kodachrome (read more here) and Steven Shore’s Uncommon Places (read more here). I also made the Mediterranean region the context for one of my assignments from OCA Expressing Your Vision (read more here).

My way of working

I am developing my interpretation of what I see but not necessarily seeking to capture the essence of the area. I avoided the beach, partly due to a desire to avoid sand and partly due to a desire to avoid a Martin Parr styled irony format.

The images become an exercise in how I see, influenced by all of the media – both text and images – that I have absorbed and the experiences and perspectives that I have developed so it’s always interesting to see where we take ourselves on these informal exercises. The intention is always to develop some sort of coherent path whilst opening up further possibilities and areas to reflect upon.


I think that this is an interesting first draft, a more interesting set of images than I made last year made with a greater confidence and technical competence and maybe the basis for further research. Perhaps I could link the two, or will my intention be to remain an occasional and observational tourist?

At least a very useful working practice exercise which will hopefully support my main studies and research.


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