Part 3 project 2 Masquerades Trish Morrissey

Hayley-Coles Trish Morrisey 17 6 06

Figure 1: Trish Morrissey, Hayley-Coles (2006)

Trish Morrissey masquerades as someone else as part of an exploration into the family photo album for her series Front (2005-2007). Morrissey approached families enjoying a day out on the beach asking to join their group and exchanging places with a woman from the group who was often the mother who in turn would take the photograph using the 5×4 camera that Morrissey has meticulously set up for the shoot.

The series is a collection of 12 images each named after the individual replaced by the artist in the composition. To ensure that the images are as authentic as possible it requires Morrissey to effectively assume 12 different personas although her true fascination lies in the exploration of the family unit.

This is a subject explored by Morrissey in another series called Seven (2001-2004) in which she collaborates with her sister (seven years her senior) in building scenes from their earlier family life in Ireland. Morrissey has recreated the original sense of time by using hairstyles, costumes, furniture and props from the decade in which the images are supposedly based.

Again by playing on the made up nature of the image we begin to question the original point in time and what might lie behind the happy normal scenes populating the majority of our family albums. Morrissey asks questions about, “how they are also used to propagate the hegemony and stability of the nuclear family unit.” (Brown, C. 2010).


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