Research: practical development: Focusing on you

As part of my efforts to improve my approach to research and development I am starting to take concepts of interest and develop them into practical projects in order to further develop my creative process and technical capabilities.

During my OCA studies I have found that I am spending more and more time considering photography, art and the creative process generally but less time behind a camera and the main reason being that I am finding it increasingly harder to find the motivation to make images without any sort of brief or purpose.

Reference point

My initial idea came from my visit to the Mona Hatoum exhibition (previous post see here) where there were strong themes of camera and video surveillance (of individuals) so I thought that I would try to make some images with some of these thoughts as my starting point.

Watch You Rosie 1-1

Image taken by A.O’Neill (2016)

I took some initial images (as seen above) using a telephoto lens based on the idea of surveillance but this moved onto develop my reflections from an earlier exhibition that I had visited Performing for the Camera (previous post see here).

Interestingly at the time I had n’t been particularly positive about the exhibition and I was disappointed that I had n’t taken more from the visit at the time. Rushing around during my working day and visiting what was a vast and slightly over-whelming exhibition I felt that I had initially missed the whole point of the exercise.

After the initial exercise I decided to develop a different exercise within the same sort of area and asked my son to model by sitting straight and still within a chair whilst I took images in his state of passiveness.

Whilst I did n’t necessarily have any sort of plan my underlying idea was to seek an intimate and or invasive moment/space. I will certainly reflect more on this exercise in the future and possibly revisit the concept in some shape of form.


Reflecting more on the Performing for the Camera exhibition I realise that it was as much about the concept of using the camera to create a representation and of the image being considered in it’s own right with a function other than just being a picture.

This image making exercise becomes part of my subtle but increasing awareness of the existence of the image as an entity rather than considering solely the subject of photography, as the medium used for making or taking the pictures.




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